What is a Personal Narrative Essay?

Personal narrative essay is that essay where a personality or writer describe and recite his/her individual perspective regarding a particular topic. Topic is not definite and precise when it comes to write a personal narrative essay. In this type, writer can describe his/ her own desires. There is also no secrecy or anonymity in these essays. You can describe your personal experiences if you are writing this type of essay. You have right to give your own judgment on any experience of your life. If you are writing a narrative essay, you must have clear approach about what you want to tell your reader. You must avoid puzzling your reader with a variety of ideas and thoughts. If you are planning to write something that happened in your past, then you must tell reader about importance of that incident.

When you are writing a personal narrative essay, you must make a list of events or happening that plays a significant role in your life. This type of essay is started with “I”, so the reader get an idea that writer is narrating his/her own story. These essays require leaving an important effect on mind of its reader. These essays are on real life incidents and experiences. Writer needs a lot of time in thinking and bringing his/her memories out.

Personal narrative essay much like stories and it involve reader’s attention and involvement in progression of the story. Verbs that are used must be stunning and accurate. Beginning sentence of an essay shows an important point, which may later find in last sentence of paragraph. The narrative essay consists of a story like structure including a plot, characters, temporal and spatial settings, climax and ending. The important details are directly linked with main idea of the essay.

The use of personal narrative essay is to explain or portray something or event. Important thing in such essays are fundamental concepts, postulation, opinion and viewpoint which expresses the whole essay. At the end you can find a theme that you can find throughout in essay, but writer should write incident in an interesting way. There must be an overview which can support the whole essay. Writer needs to portray excellent writing skills to give a quality to his/her essay. Analytical and language skills are also important in writing such essays. Everything or event must be described in detail.

Some employers and students need to submit personal narrative essay as a part of their work. Logical description of a person is clearly visible through this essay. You need to concentrate on an experience or sequence of experiences in your essay. The reader must find a linkage between writer and incident. Reader must not be aware of what he/she will feel after reading the essay. You need to use past vs. present tenses to create an interest in essay. You have to select unique words and avoid using passive voice in essay. Some example pf personal narrative essays are:

  • My First Day at College
  • A Memorable trip of my Life
  • How I usually spend my Weekend
  • A Memorable journey
  • The Incident that changed my Life

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