Importance of Well-Written MBA Admission Essay

Do you have plans of joining an MBA school? If so, you need to be well aware of the admission process before you apply in the various business schools. Filled in application form and a copy of your transcript are the important documents that you need to submit when you apply for an MBA admission.

These two documents help the admission officers to evaluate your academic performance and they get to know few basic and general details about you from the filled in application form but only a well written MBA admission essay will speak about your personal traits, goals, practical experience and various skills that you possess.

Purpose of an MBA admission essay

Getting placed in one of the leading business schools is not a cake walk.  MBA essay writing is not short story writing. Writing an MBA admission essay should be considered as a serious task, as it is the gateway to your admission into one of the top business schools. Why does a business school use a well written MBA personal statement as an important selection criterion? Hundreds of students apply in a business school. Apart from test scores; a well written essay is what makes an applicant stand out.

A well written MBA personal statement is a proof of your communication skill, critical thinking, complex reasoning etc. Undoubtedly, an MBA admission essay is a tool that helps admission officers to evaluate your overall performance. There are several e-books available on MBA essay writing to guide you in writing an effective MBA personal statement.

These valuable resources will help you in planning the vital points that need to be included in your MBA personal statement. Drafting an impressive MBA admission essay is the pathway to either selection or rejection.

There are few common mistakes made by MBA applicants while writing an MBA admission essay and they are as follows:

  • Applicants fail to proof read the MBA personal statement written by them as there are chances of making minor and careless errors such as mentioning the wrong school.
  • Some candidates add too many personal details in the MBA admission essay which becomes inappropriate
  • Applicants avoid MBA essay writing and try to prolong it till the deadlines
  • At times, applicants fail to follow the instructions given for writing an MBA personal statement.

Adopt the right approach to convert your strategy into a persuasive essay. Including your personal traits, achievements, goals etc in a presentable manner is the key to success. Thus a well written MBA admission essay should speak about you clear and loud.

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