Tips to Writing Phd Thesis Topics

PhD thesis topic is the foundation stone for your research. It plays an important role because the whole thesis paper is based on it. It is, therefore, extremely important that you exercise special care and give extraordinary attention in choosing the topic for your PhD thesis. This is vital because you have to write on this and you have to research on it. You must be highly motivated and must possess sound awareness of the subject matter.

The background knowledge and availability of information for your topic is also necessary for the fact that you have to submit your thesis on time. You can submit your PhD thesis on time only when you select a good topic on which enough literature is available.

It is also important that you do have a genuine interest in the topic because without a special interest in the topic you will not be able to research the topic with that enthusiasm and diligence that a research work at this level requires. In order to get and interesting topic, you need to consult your teachers, peers and you should also give it a thorough pre-selection research. Explore the topic, search and research about it and find the elements of your interest in it for motivation and continuous efforts that you need to put in while working on your PhD thesis.

It is recommended that you should not go into very lengthy topics for your research work. Since you have to concentrate on your research therefore, it must be precise and should have clear understanding for you.

It is pertinent to mention that engage yourself in a topic, which is related to previous work of your supervisor. This will help you in saving time and you have to put in less effort. The phd thesis topic research area must be of your familiarity. This will also save your time in literature reviewing. Your topic must focus on something which has a literary significance and which discusses something important.

Finding PhD thesis topic is not difficult if you choose the one that is interesting, has a lot of informative material available with you and your genuine interest is there in that particular subject. You need to read more and more literature regarding your research area, so that you can get new ideas for research topic. You must select those topics which are new. You can also find a new point of view of a well-known and well-researched topic. Try to find new angles of your interest area to find a dynamic PhD thesis topic.

You need to select such topic for your PhD thesis which will help you in future career path. If you are planning to select a topic, you have to select your topic from books or journals. You need to select such topics which will be helpful in your professional growth. If you want to select a career in a particular industry, then your topic should have some relevancy to it. Always try to find a unique topic for research. Try to generate new ideas, but they must be authentic and significant. Finally, remember that you cannot find a good and valid research topic overnight. You have to explore a lot on your research areas before proposing a topic.

Some good examples of PhD thesis topics are as follows:

1.    Self-Governance in Health Sector: A comparison of American and Canadian Health Departments.

2.    Devolution of federal government plays an important role in change management.

3.    Language barriers for Asian students getting admission in US Universities.

4.    Impact of background on performance of Employees from Urban and Rural background.

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