Best College Term Paper Topic Ideas

A term paper is an essay which students write after completing their first term or academic semester. There are lots of topics to select for writing term papers. Best ideas are those which are easy and comfortable to students for writing term papers. Every student has different taste and feelings. He should have complete grip and information about the topics for writing a best college term paper. However it is recommended that the students should write the term papers according to their study. For example, it is better for a history student to select a historic event for writing a term paper.

While selecting a topic for his term paper, a student must collect proper information. We are giving some ideas about the topics which are commonly used by the students in their term papers.

Working mothers is a hot general topic to write a term paper for every student. They can discuss the difference between working mothers and stay-at-home mothers. What are the common problems that a working mother faces in her struggling life for the growth of her children?  What are the discriminative actions from the society she suffers during her working schedules?

Alcohol is another commonly used topic. Alcohol is prohibited for the students in many countries of the world. What are the bad impacts of alcohol on the daily life of the students? Should the alcohol banned for every individual at all or everybody has right to access it at any age.

Cell phones also a great topic to write the term papers. How the cell phones changed our society. What are the positive and negative impacts of cell phone on our society? Should the students allowed to use cell phones in universities. How to educate people about the positive use of cell phones?

Advertising is almost a certain part of our daily life. It is a best way to be informed about lots of new arrivals. What are the pros and cons of advertising? What are the impacts of advertising on buyers? Should the advertising be banned on different items such as cigarettes, medicine, alcohol, etc. how advertising multiple the sale of a product?

Athletics in the schools is a best topic for writing term papers. What are the physical and mental benefits of athletics in schools? Is it important to participate for every student in the athletics?

Exams are the common factors in the life of every student and a best topic for writing term papers. Every student can write easily on this topic. Exams are more than a measuring tool of student’s ability.  What are other tools for the assessment of the ability and mental approach of the students?

Divorce is fast growing social crime in the modern society. What are the common causes of divorce? What are the impacts of the divorce on the children? How the society and the government can stop it spreading. What laws should be enforced to minimize this social breakage?

These are general topic ideas for every student to write their term papers. However, they must select the topic according to their information and mental approach towards any topic. They can only give a best output if they have perfect information and interest in the topic.

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