What is PhD thesis acknowledgement?

PhD thesis acknowledgement of a research paper consist of giving tribute and thanks to all those people who provided their support to writer while he was doing research and writing research paper. It is basically an appreciation of those people who give their time, help and aid in addition to recommendation and guidance which were significant for research. Now question arises that why it is necessary to make an acknowledgement. The reason is that it will show your respect to your research supervisors, teachers, colleagues, parents or friends. This phd thesis must not be written in a way that seems like a memorial speech delivered at rituals. In spite, it looks like a thanks note which includes all those people which play an important role in completion of your thesis.

PhD thesis acknowledgement is the start of any thesis after the copyright and dedication page which shows your feelings and respects for those who help you in research. You must include some customary phrases in order to express gratefulness which can be “I am grateful to my teacher, parents and…”. “It is an honor for me to work with Mr….” or “I would like to thank this and …” After using these particular phrases, you have to give thanks to people,

When you are writing PhD thesis, a lot of people will involve in your work. It may include those institutions, departments and organizations where you made interviews of your research. As Ph.D. degree is mostly completed in a period of 3-4 years, so you naturally have much interaction with your teachers and supervisors. Acknowledgement is there to show your gratitude for those teachers and supporters. You also got help from librarians, fellows, and other people who help in editing, writing, organizing, designing, technological assistance and giving new ideas for your PhD thesis, so they must be given some honor.

Format of PhD thesis acknowledgement page including heading, spacing, margins, font size and color is the same as rest of research paper. You can put this page in abstract or at the end of phd thesis. You need to give a heading of Acknowledgement in centre of page. Avoid using difficult language. Be sincere with your supporters. Although including an acknowledgement page is not necessary for completion of any thesis bit it can leave a good impression on reader. It will show positive attributes to others. You got an opportunity to thank all those who give you their support and precious time. Length of acknowledgement page is not more than one page. It will add a positive point in your thesis.

Thesis Acknowledgement of PhD thesis is different from dedication because it includes those people who actually helped writer in his work. You need to write it in a professional and delicate manner and in brief lines. Some students also include their institute for its support. You need to address a person with his/her professional name and title. Acknowledgement to your family is also proper and suitable.

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