Guidelines to Write Personal Statements for Graduate School

Mostly students don’t know about personal statements, which are sometimes known as graduate statement of purpose. You are given a unique opportunity to exhibit your distinctive experiences, education and training. You can also exhibit your dedication to the field or subject you have selected. You just need to explain all those experiences, people and incidents which motivate you to pursue your selected field in your personal statements. You need to complete this task sometime in confined number of pages which are most of the time not more than two or three pages.

In order to write successful personal statements, you need to describe some descriptive events. If you include somewhat lengthy but interesting, specific and real examples, this will distinguish your essay from rest of candidates and make it worth reading. Following are some Do’s and Don’ts which you need to follow if you want to write an excellent personal statement.

The guidelines that you include while making personal statements will help you in achieving your task of getting admission. Your essay must be based on some idea, theory or theme which will bind your essay. The main thing which you want to show your reader is your own ideas and notions. When you begin writing your personal statement, think and select all those things you want to include in it. You must also include authentic and real life examples from previous experiences of your life to sustain your idea throughout the essay. This will differentiate your writing from others. Write about all those things that capture your interests because admission staff wants to know these things about you. Beginning line of essay must be appealing and begin it with some story, quotation or question. Conclusion of your personal statements must reaffirm your main idea or notion. Read your essay two or three times after completion. You can ask some of your colleagues, friends or teachers to critically read your essay and to make corrections. You must write your statement in brief and concise words.

Following are the things that you should avoid if you want to write successful personal statements. Avoid irrelevant and unnecessary information that doesn’t support your ideas and objectives. Don’t start beginning line of your essay with boring words like “I am planning…” or “I want to get admission…” Remember you are not writing a biography, memoir and something related to your schedule or journey. Making excessive funny statements can annoy your reader. After completing your essay, if you think that essay is not supporting your objectives, then restart writing it again. Your personal statements should not contain difficult vocabulary. Check your spellings from sources other than MSWord. If you got less GPA or grades in a subject, then don’t make lame excuses. Instead, convince the reader with some good justification.

For writing a perfect personal statement, selection of words, usage of vocabulary and writing style plays an important role. Many students ignore these basic things. You can also consult various websites which will guide you in writing a proper personal statement.

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