Writing a Plot Summary – Effective Step-by-Step Guidelines

Writing a plot summary is somewhat different from recap. In a writing plot summary, every moment and every scene that occur in the sequence of the story are not covered it their totality and in the same order in which they take place. The plot summary is the summary of the whole story in a nutshell. But it does not mean that any important events in the plots or scenes of the story are evaded. One of the important aspects of writing a good plot summary is to avoid inserting personal emotions in the plot summary. While writing a plot summary, following steps should be kept in mind so that the plot summary may be the true representation of the whole story.

Organization of a plot summary:

The plot summary is often written in present tense in a narrative form. A comprehensive plot summary is smaller in size but equal in understanding. In the course of writing a plot summary, all the characters should be introduced in cohesive order and no character should be elapsed. The order of the events may change but all necessary actions and events should be presented in writing a plot summary research paper.

What to cut:

Cutting those events, which are less important, makes the understanding of the summary easily and effortlessly.  The author of the summary should not forget to include all the necessary proceedings and actions of the main story but he should cut those events which are not so important as far as the main plot of the story is concerned.


For writing a plot summary, there are not any hard and fast rules to be taken into account. It should be in right proportion with the original story- neither too short, nor too long. This is why writing a plot summary is entirely different from book writing. Book writing is based on some facts and fiction which are written originally without summarizing anything, whereas writing a plot summary is the summarized form of some original version of story.

How to begin:

Beginning book writing is not the same as writing a plot summary. In book writing, the author starts with some facts and introduction about his book, whereas in a plot summary, overall gist of the story is given in the beginning. book writing requires creativity whereas writing a plot summary is just rewriting the story in comparatively in one third size of the whole story.