Argumentative Research Paper Topics for College Students

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

The argumentative written essay contains your personal ideas based on rigorous research supported by real data.

In order to write some professional argumentative research papers you need to run serious researches on particular topics.

For this, you need to choose the best topics able to provide you with vital information for a successful written essay.

The Most Important Topics for Argumentative Research Papers

Using a proper grammar and structure, any of the argumentative research papers can be easily transformed in a linguistics essay, no matter what topic you choose. The followings present some of the best topics available for your argumentative research papers.

  • Should animals be used in researches? This is a very interesting subject for any written essay. Many people and all animal protection services condemn the use of animals in different research fields. However, sacrificing animals actually helps humans to obtain better products able to treat various diseases. The argumentative research papers should clearly explain these issues. This can be a very interesting topic for your written essay.
  • Are prisons useful? This is another great topic. You are able to write an interesting linguistics essay that debates why we still need prisons even though the criminal activity is very high. Actually, this is the reason why we need prisons: to reduce criminal practices.
  • Should death penalty be applied to all murderers? Well, this is a very controversial subject. For sure, you are able to write various argumentative research papers base on this topic. You can create your written essay in an impressive way describing the impact of death penalty on murderers.
  • Does anyone have the right to exhume bodies and move them to another location? Exhuming bodies might be a very sensitive topic. This type of written essay should debate the topic with profound respect. The argumentative research papers should present as well specialists opinion and concrete data.
  • Are plastic surgeries the best solution? This type of argumentative research paper should describe the aspects included by plastic surgeries. The argumentative research papers have to equally present the advantages and disadvantages of these surgeries.
  • Which side do you choose? Vegetarians or Meat eaters? The argumentative research paper debating this subject should also present the important aspect of healthy eating. The linguistics essay presenting this topic can start important discussions so be prepared to answer to different questions.
  • Is rehabilitation of ex-convicted people possible? The argumentative essay papers debating this topic can change minds. Usually people reject even the idea of having an ex-convicted person around. The written essay’s arguments might change people’s way of thinking.
  • Should tobacco companies respond for smoking related health condition? Writing some argumentative research papers on this topic can deliver you an original written essay as this is a very important matter.
  • Should education cost? The linguistics essay presenting this topic should consider different aspects on how the cost of education influences especially the decisions regarding high education.
  • Education technology development: Is it really helping? A linguistics essay on education technology can treat all the positive and negative aspects presented by modern technologies. Based on this topic can be created various argumentative research papers debating how the technology can help us to develop the educational fields.

These are just few examples of what argumentative research papers should present. As well, there are some highlighted ideas pointing the important aspects on how your written essay topic should be debated.

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