Top 10 Original Topic Ideas for Argumentative Essays

Writing an argumentative essay requires one to be armed with strong points on the subject matter. Therefore it’s good to choose a topic for which you can get strong and convincing arguments. The main distinction about argumentative essays is that your personal view should form the basis of your work. At the same time, you should ensure that your views are supported by facts, evidence, reasons and founded arguments. With these two points in mind you can be able to choose some original ideas as your argumentative essay topics. With such ideas, you can make your work bristle with legible and clear-cut arguments making it a professional argumentative essay. In essence the arguments are the statements that support your position hence the name argumentative essay. One of the important things to remember when writing such argumentative essays is the likelihood of opposition to your opinions. The best thing is to speculate such opposition in advance hence developing opposition views to the work. When looking for the argumentative essay topics its good go for those topics in areas that affect our day to day lives such as technology, marketing, domestic problems or even crime. Each of these areas has a wide range of argumentative essay topics that you can choose from and a wide information base that you can use for your arguments. For instance;

1. Technology
These days every part of our lives is driven by technology. This can be supported by the fact that everyone owns a cell phone or uses the internet to shop. Under this you can have argumentative essay topics such as;
•    With the increased dependence on computers, should we be more suspicious or fully embrace their benefits?
•    Is there exaggerated commercialism on the internet?
•    Mass media influence especially on the younger generation is very high. This has played a great role in shaping their opinions and positions- this topic is open, you can argue for or against it.

2. Marketing
Marketing is the driving force behind the success of all businesses in the world. Under this you can have argument essay topics such as
•    Should we discard normal marketing for e-marketing

3. Domestic problems
There is no family in the world that does not undergo some kind of domestic problem. This is a great source for argument essay topics such as;
•    Is the problem of domestic violence exaggerated or should we do more to quell this vice?
•    Would increment of sex education in schools curb the problem of teenage pregnancy?

4. Crime
A huge percentage of the people today have hard a nasty experience with criminals. This has generated a lot of debate and therefore it’s a good source of argumentative essay topics. These include
•    Is the death sentence a form of cruel murder or a good form of punishment to deter crime?
•    Should the death penalty be mandatory for murderers?

Other topics may not fall into a specific category but are still great when used as argument essay topics. These include:
– Can a human being have a ‘Right to die’?
– Should animal experimentation be banned?

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